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We are providing a large selection of Japanese antiques since 2006. Each one has been personnaly selected by us.
We are living in Japan and we are working with professionnal antique dealers and local sources; our items are all authentic (no reproductions) and we don't sell new items.
All our items are described and pictures show them in detail. Please feel free to e-mail us for further information about anything.

We are not providing tansu, ivory netsuke, ivory okimono, swords or military items.

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 Our shop was created in 2009. It is located at Yanaka in the east part of Tokyo, very close to the Mori Ogai museum (on Chiyoda Line, Sendagi station). We provide a selection of ceramics, religious items, lacquers and others collectibles. However, kimonos and others textiles are only on sale at Mitate, our online shop. If you are a fan of japanese antiques or simply curious about Japanese traditional items, we’ll be delighted to welcome you.

Kimonos and juban are delivered with a narrow belt (koshihimo).
Haori (jackets for women and men) are sold with a himo.
On MITATE, we are not providing tansu, ivory netsuke, ivory okimono, swords or military items.
Thank you for your comprehension.
We have a stand at several antiques markets in and around Tôkyô. Please check regularly this site or our Facebook page regularly:
  • Kokusai Forum in Tôkyô
  • Antiques market in Kamakura
  • Antiques market Meji-collection (in Mejiro, Yamanote line)
Do you need kiri boxes to protect your valuable goods or antiques ? Please contact us and tell us wich size you are loocking for.
272-370 Haori femme New
Shibori pastelHaori en soie entièrement doublé. Tissu shibori (tie and dye) dans des coloris pastel ..
Ex Tax: 40.00€